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Copywriting & Articles

As a journalist I have extensive experience writing about an abundance of topics for magazines, websites, social media and more!

Newsletters & Blogs

I love writing newsletters and blog posts. These are the perfect platforms to have a little extra fun and let the creativity flow freely!

“Do whatever brings you to life, then. Follow your own fascinations, obsessions, and compulsions. Trust them. Create whatever causes a revolution in your heart.”

― Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

Passion & Creativity

Ever since I was a little girl I have always loved writing and expressions myself creatively. To this day I still have a profound passion for writing, and I hope that love and passion shines through in every single text I write. Writing is how I express myself. Writing is my creative outlet.

Small business love

As a small business owner myself I naturally have a deep love for small businesses. I love working with, supporting and cheering small business owners on. The majority of my clients are small businesses, which also means I develop a strong connection to owners, and it’s a more personal connection and work relationship.

Meet Heidi

Hi, I’m Heidi! I am so honored and happy that you’re here!

I’m a journalist from Denmark. I went full time with my business in 2021, after having done it on the side for three years. It’s the best decision I ever made!

When I’m not sipping coffee with oatmilk creamer, reading books at coffeeshops, hanging out with my friends and family or taking a stroll on the beach…

I am creating fantastic content for my wonderful clients or writing articles for magazines, which I absolutely love doing! I work with clients from all corners of the globe; from vibrant Paris to serene Goa to cool Stockholm to cozy Aarhus.  

I would be so honored and excited to work with you to!


My Values & Beliefs


Authenticity is everything to me. It’s important to me that every piece of content is authentic; whether it’s a newsletter, a blog post, an Instagram post, an article or something else. It has express your authentic self.

Let the creative juices flow

I am a big believer in expressing yourself creatively. Working should also be fun and enjoyable, and it should fullfill you. So let’s let the creative juices flow freely and create some magic!

Commitment & Consistency

I truly believe that the way to success is through commitment and consistency. Don’t give up when things don’t go your way! Keep showing up. The journey won’t always be easy, but we have to stay committed and consistent to achieve our wildest dreams.

A little bit more about me...

So, you want to know me a bit better? Well, okay… Let me tell you a few fun things about me!

  • I love traveling 
  • I drink more coffee than I care to admit
  • I’m a certified yoga teacher
  • India is by far the most fascinating country I’ve ever visited
  • I have worked in the real estate industry
  • Bookstores are my happy place
  • My favorite saying is “smile to the world, and it will smile right back at you” 
  • I love nature, the countryside and small towns. I am not a big city girl!
  • Writing has always been my passion
  • I love creative projects – for instance I love knitting & I want to start painting too!
Heidi Kokborg

Kind words from clients

I really do appreciate a lot working together with Heidi. She is motivated and creative and very organized. I’m super happy with the blog posts, Instagram posts and newsletters she has created and continues to write for Take It Easy Honey!

 – Charlotte Henskens, Owner & Founder of Take It Easy Honey

Heidi is a conscientious, positive and professional writer, always delivering as promised, on deadline, and with a smile. It’s a joy and pleasure to work with her, and I would highly recommend her!” 

– Linnea Dunne, Executive Editor at Scan Magazine

 “Heidi is an incredible copywriter, she has helped us to create several blog posts and newsletters and always nailed the tone of voice and provided interesting, fun and educational content.”

– Tatiana Moreno, Inika Superfoods

Work samples

Feeling inspired to work together? I would love to connect!