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5 amazing tips for feeling confident

18. January 2022

Good afternoon,

Today I want to talk to your about feeling confident. I’m currently visiting my sister in Copenhagen, and I’m sitting on the couch with a cup of tea, my sister’s dog is sleeping, and Modern Family is in the background (sometimes I like having something in the background while working. Sometimes working from home can be a little too quiet, so every now and then I like having something in the background).

Earlier today I went for a little run with S (the dog), and it was so much fun. This year I am really embracing intuitive movement. After having been extremely rigid with my yoga practice for a very long time I cannot tell you how good intuitive movement feels. It was just a little run but I had such a good time, and it got me thinking about feeling confident. While running I felt so happy, joyful and confident. And I haven’t been running in years!

But looking at S that was so happy made me happy. And running just felt good in my body. Like really good. And that left me feeling confident. The thing is when we are feeling good, happy, fulfilled and joyful we are also feeling confident. Lately I’ve noticed that when I take good care of myself (and no, this doesn’t mean only eating veggies and having a crazy workout routine) and I do things that fulfill me, and I generally live a life that I love and that’s in alignment with my values and belief, I am feeling confident.

Anyone who can relate to this?

After running I started thinking about more things I do in order to feel confident, and I thought why not share those things with you? I could write a very long list, but I thought instead of writing 15 things I wanted to keep it short and to the point. At the end of the day it’s up to you to notice when you are feeling confident.

And remember, we ALL have days where we aren’t feeling confident. Whether it’s a work related task, it’s related to our body or something entirely different. I too have times where I feel anything but confident. For instance, there are plenty of areas around being a business owner where I do NOT feel confident. As an example I’m not very good at anything related to accounting. That’s an area where I’m still learning, and I try not to freak out everytime someone mentions accounting and taxes, ha! I certainly also sometimes apply for jobs or reach out to companies where I don’t feel particularily confident. I still do it though.

And trust me, there are also times where I don’t feel confident in my body. However, I recognize that there are things I can do to change that, and just because I’m feeling something it doesn’t mean it’s the truth. You cannot always trust your thoughts and feelings, and remember that they are just that: Thoughts and feelings. They are not always the truth, and they aren’t permanent.

feeling confident

5 amazing tips for feeling confident

Intuitive movement

As mentioned above I used to have a very rigid relationship with movement. I used to get up before the crack of dawn to do an intense yoga practice for 2-2.5 hours. Every. Single. Morning. Now, I like yoga. I especially love yin yoga (what I practiced was ashtanga yoga). I think yin yoga is so yummy, and it’s such a lovely practice that I think anyone and everyone can do. I love it.

However, I did not like how I practiced yoga. I’ll do a whole post about this some other time as I think that story deserves its own post. Suffice to say that it brought me zero joy.

Now I practice intuitive movement. I go for lots of walks (I love walking). I do yoga when I feel like it. I just starting running a bit again. Am I planning to run a marathon? Heck no! I just run because it’s FUN (kind of like Phoebe from Friends, haha). I just want to move in ways that feel good. When I move in ways that feel good I am naturally feeling confident in my body.

Intuitive eating

I used to suffer from an eating disorder (I will share much more about this in more blog posts), and I can tell you firsthand how an eating disorder just sucks the life out of you. Working with a coach and attending IIN and becoming a health coach myself has been a real gamechanger. My coach taught me about intuitive eating, and it has completely changed my life. For the better. I am feeling confident, happy, joyful, and I no longer worry about food.

That’s also what I want to pass on to my future clients: Intuitive eating. I am beyond excited to start taking on clients very soon!

Speak to and about yourself in a kind way

I used to speak to and about myself in such a negative way. No need to repeat the things I used to say here. I don’t want to bring that kind of negativity into this space.

Today, I speak to and about myself in a loving, kind and compassionate way. I don’t say mean things about myself. I acknowledge that I’m human and I mess up. I make mistakes. But I don’t beat myself up. I don’t tell myself I’m a failure or anything like that. I know I’m always doing my best, and I know I’m not perfect.

I trust that God made me exactly who I’m meant to be, and I trust that I’m exactly where I need to be. Is my life perfect? No. But I have faith. So much faith.

Do more of the things that bring you joy

I have started to really embrace and do more of the things that bring me joy. Like knitting (yes, I’ve started knitting. I just finished my first hat!). I spend much more time with my family and friends. I put on makeup most days (not because I have to but because I like it and it makes me feel good). I go for walks. I seek out companies I would love working with. I write much more. I play with the dogs. I read more. I listen to great podcasts. I have made plans to travel later this year. I’m making myself a good cup of coffee every morning. I drink tea I love. I could go on and on.

I really do believe that when we do more of the things that bring us joy we are naturally feeling more confident.

Live a life aligned with your values and beliefs

I used to live a life that was so vastly out of alignment with my values and beliefs, and trust me when I say it did nothing good for me, and it certainly didn’t leave me feeling confident about myself or my life. Now, that I’m living a life in alignment with my values and beliefs I am feeling confident, happy, joyful and fulfilled. It just feels good.

If you’re interested in working together you are always welcome to contact me. I’m not officially taking on clients yet, but come May I will be taking on health coaching clients, but if you can’t wait until May we will absolutely figure something out! I would be so honored to be your coach!



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