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5 reasons I love working with a health coach

4. January 2022

As you probably already know I am a certified health coach (I graduated Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2018) and I’ve worked with Paige Schmidt for a couple of years. I have plans to start working with her again in the spring of 2022. That’s how much I love coaching! Working with a health coach really transformed my life, and I cannot say enough good things about it.

Paige is the one who inspired me to become a coach myself. If you would like working with a health coach yourself I start taking on clients in spring 2022 (if you can’t wait until then you are welcome to contact me, and we’ll work something out).

Because I love coaching so much I decided to write a blog post dedicated to just that: My love for coaching! There are so many reasons I love coaching and I’m sure I will talk much more about this for years to come. Especially, once I start coaching myself! I honestly cannot wait to start taking on clients. Technically, I’ve been able to take on clients for four years, however, it’s never felt like the right time. Until now. But now my inner voice is telling me it’s time, and I couldn’t be more excited.

Working with a health coach

5 reasons I love working with a health coach


Of course we can set goals ourselves and work towards them all by ourselves. There is nothing wrong with that. I just personally find that working with a health coach (in my case Paige Schmidt) holds me accountable. If I’ve told her that by our next session or by XYC I will have reached out to 5 potential clients, made a meal plan, had a movie night with hot chocolate, written 3 blog posts or something entirely different (it can be anything and everything) I do these things.

Now, over the years I’ve learned to do the things I plan to do (well, most of the time) even if I’m not working with my coach. However, I find it much easier to accomplish these things when I know someone is going to ask me about these things (for instance I have a friend who is also my accountability partner when it comes to my business. It works wonders).

Chances are I am going to reach out to those 5 clients if I know that’s what we’ll be talking about in the next session. If I’m just by myself, well, why not just drink another cup of coffee and watcg one hour of Netflix instead of contacting potential clients (something that always feels a bit scary to me)?

Having this accountability is priceless for me.


When working with a health coach you know you are supported. A coach is not going to judge you or tell you what to do. Instead, a coach will encourage you, ask questions, and support you in your endeavours.

I, of course, also have endless support from my family and friends. In fact, I am incredibly blessed to have so many supportive people in my life. However, I still find it so encouraging and nice to have support from a coach as well.

An outside perspective

This one is actually one of the things I love the most about coaching. Your friends and family are involved in your life. They are in your daily life. Therefore, they will never be able to give you an outside perspective. Not because they don’t want to, but they can’t. Just like I can’t give an outside perspective when I talk to my friends and family. I’m too invested in their lives to have that distance.

A coach, however, will be able to see things from the outside. A coach won’t know your friends and family. I think we all sometimes need an outside perspective.

Personal (and professional) growth

This is the whole reason you are working with a health coach. It’s to evolve and grow. Whether personal or professional. In my case it’s always been a little bit of both. I love growing and evolving.

I truly believe that this is the biggest benefit of coaching. You really get to step into your light and become your authentic self.

A space to be vulnerable

Sometimes being honest and vulnerable can actually be easier with a stranger than someone you know. I don’t think I’m unique in feeling this way. Naturally, I’m honest with my family and friends too but for instance I don’t always share my business ideas with my friends and family right away. I don’t mind sharing them with my coach right away though.

I’m not keeping my ideas a secret or anything. Sometimes I just like to let my ideas simmer for a bit and only share them with one person.

Generally, I find that coaching is a space where you can really be vulnerable and let down your guards.

Okay, there you have it: the reasons why I love working with a health coach.



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