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5 amazing reasons why working with a coach will change your life

29. May 2022

Hi gorgeous,

As you may know I am a coach, and I’m currently working with a coach myself (hi, Paige Schmidt!). I love, love, love working with a coach, and I’ve been working with a coach myself for years now. I’m currently in the process of creating my own coaching program that combines coaching and yoga. It will be ready sometime in June. This is something I am so excited about, and I cannot wait to share this program with you.

In fact, I have so many exciting plans for this year. I am going to finally start my newsletter, I’ll be updating the blog much more often (at least once a week), I’m working on creating yoga programs, I’ll be co-teaching on several yoga teacher trainings with Yin Yoga Therapy Training, and I have so many other exciting projects I’m working on.

For a long time I’ve been too afraid to do all of these things, but last year when I started my business things started to shift, and when I moved to Asia in 2022, things really shifted. Here, I feel like I can be myself, and that I can express my authentic self. I absolutely love my family, but they don’t always understand my life choices, and we live very different lives. Being here, surrounded by more like-minded people, I can feel myself stepping fully into my light. Sure fear is still there, but I am choosing love and faith.

Okay, that was a long intro to what I actually wanted to talk about: working with a coach. As mentioned I’m a coach myself and I have been working with a coach for years, and it has transformed my life.

5 amazing reasons why working with a coach will change your life

An outside perspective

While having good friends and family members that you can talk to is extremely important, they are also very much involved in your life and oftentimes they are unable to give you an outside perspective. They know your history, and they see you regularly. Working with a coach can offer you an outside perspective. Speaking from personal experience I have found this very helpful and absolutely crucial for both my personal and business life.

For instance, I rarely talk about my business with my friends and family. Well, of course I tell them about work, but I rarely ever discuss business ideas with them simply because we are not always on the same page. My family doesn’t really understand what I’m doing, and they don’t really understand why I’m interested in what I’m interested in. We simply have a very different mindset.

Working with a coach is so, so important for my business. It provides me with that outside perspective that I need in order to evolve, grow and take my business where I want to take it.


Now, I am someone who needs accountability. If I set a goal I have found that it’s important to be that I have told someone about that goal so that person can keep me accountable. For instance, with my coach we set action steps after each session (more on that in a bit), and she follows up on those action steps. Sure, I can set action steps and goals myself, but if it’s just me I find it easier to put these action steps on the back burner. It’s not that I just sit around and watch Netflix, but then there are one million other things I could do instead of working on my action steps (like client work).

I find this accountability countless.


We all need support. When you are working towards something or you are healing, you need support. A coach can provide you with this support. This support could also come from a therapist, a yoga teacher or someone else, but we all need support. Of course, my friends and family support me, but since I don’t always tell them what I’m working on, they can’t really support me. Also, my family and friends don’t always provide me with the support that I need (no judgment, they are doing their best, and none of us are perfect).


Do you ever experience muddled thoughts? Do you ever feel like you are unable to get your monkey mind to stop talking? Do you ever feel like you have way too many thoughts and you are just plain confused? Me too, my friend. Me too. I find working with a coach so helpful for gaining more clarity. My coach recently said that coaching is like Marie Kondoing your mind, which I find to be so true.

Action steps

I already mentioned that after each session I set action steps with my coach. This way I know exactly what I will be working on until our next session, and I know exactly which steps to take. I am not naturally a very organized person. In fact, I can be rather messy. I need action steps to help me focus and gain clarity.

So, there you have it. I’m curious, are you currently working with a coach?

If you’re interested in working with a coach you are welcome to contact me, and once I’m finished creating my program in June we can start working together.

Love & Light,


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