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5 powerful tips for discovering your dharma

4. April 2022

Discovering your dharma

Discovering your dharma, living your truth and being your authentic self is something I am really passionate about. For years I lived an unaligned life where I wasn’t being my authentic self. In fact, it’s only in the last year I’ve really stepped into my light. Last summer I broke up with my ex-boyfriend. It was a toxic, unhealthy relationship. He was mentally abusive, his family was utterly crazy (and I don’t mean crazy in a good, fun way. I mean they were scary, scary people), and he held me back.

Well, I guess I held myself back by staying in the relationship that long. But ultimately, the relationship taught me more about what my values are, I returned to my roots, and I started living an aligned life.

In the months leading up to our breakup I started discovering my dharma. I knew I wanted to write more again, travel, see the world, teach yoga, and I have about a million other things I still want to do. But in my heart I’ve always known that I’m a writer, and that’s what I’m meant to be doing. Among other things of course. Naturally, things change and evolve over the years which is perfectly fine, but I don’t think my love for writing and traveling will ever change.

When it comes to discovering your dharma I’ve listened to countless podcasts. I especially love Sahara Rose when it comes to this topic. She is such an inspiration and she’s so passionate. For those who may not know what dharma is, it could be translated to path. So discovering your dharma is about discovering your path. It’s an interesting topic!

5 powerful tips for discovering your dharma

We are all so unique and different, and what works for one person won’t necessarily work for someone else. There is no right or wrong path. You just have to find yours. That being said I think there are some helpful tips for discovering your dharma, or simply listening to your inner voice.

Stop asking others for advice all the time

If you are anything like I used to be you are constantly seeking advice from others. What should I do with my life? Should I take the job or not? How often should I post on Instagram? Is this dress nice? While I absolutely think advice has its time and place I don’t think asking others for advice all the time is a brilliant idea. Sure, I ask my parents advice about the practical aspects of running a business (I’ve been doing it for less than a year, they have been doing it for close to 20 years). I also ask my mom for help when it comes to knitting (I’m a novice, she’s a pro). I asked for my dad’s help when I was buying a car because I know absolutely nothing about cars.

However, when it comes to things like: Should I pursue working with this client? Should I start my own business? Should I teach on this yoga teacher training? Should I move out of this apartment? Should travel? I don’t really ask people for advice very often. Instead, I listen to my inner voice and I trust it. So know when to ask for advice and when to listen to your gut. You’re not a baby, you can make your own decisions.

Spend time in nature

I love nature. While I think the city is fun for a couple of days or a week (I love visiting friends and family in Copenhagen, but I would NOT want to live there) I am a nature girl at heart. I love the ocean, forests, mountains, moorland, lakes… I just love nature. I think spending time in nature is crucial. I can hear my inner voice so clearly when I’m in nature. Things slow down, it’s quiet and I feel so connected to Mother Nature and the Universe.


As you know I love writing so it probably comes as no surprise that I also love journaling. I think writing is such a fantastic way to tune in and listen to your inner voice. It’s gives your clarity, and it’s a must to do when discovering your dharma.

Meditate/practice yoga

As a yoga teacher I’m naturally biased but I believe that meditation and yoga are such powerful tools. I’m not always so good at sitting down and meditating. I’ll be honest with you, it’s not something I do very often. I love moving my body on my yoga mat. To me that’s a kind of moving meditation. I do, however, love yoga nidra and I almost always listen to a yoga nidra video before falling asleep at night. I’m not saying that meditation and yoga is for everyone or that it’s a must to do when discovering your dharma. Perhaps you prefer dancing or walking barefooted in the grass or sand (something I love too).

Trust your inner voice

At the end of the day you have to trust yourself. If your inner voice is telling you to start your own business, become a certified yoga teacher, health coach or whatever, do it. Seriously. Trust your inner voice. Stop doubting yourself so much. Yes, trusting your inner voice can be scary but it will lead you the right places. You have to trust yourself and your own intuition.

I hope these tips are helpful when you are discovering your dharma.

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