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Are you tasting your morning coffee?

28. September 2022

Lately, I’ve been reflecting a lot on slow living and a more high-quality, rich life. Not rich in terms of having a fat bank account, but more the richness of life that comes with living a slower paced life. I often feel that the modern world is very fast paced, and as an introvert and an old soul it can be very hard to keep up. While I certainly love being social and being around people, I need silence, solitude and quiet. I need time to just be. I need time to just potter around, write, go for a run, be in nature, practice yoga, read a book, drink my coffee slowly and quietly, journal/write…

As an introvert I recharge by spending time alone. There are a few people in the world that I can hang out with for an extended amount of time and not get tired: my partner, my parents, my sister… Even though I love my friends to pieces, I can’t just be around them all the time. I really value my alone time. Now, my partner is the complete opposite. He is an extrovert with a capital e. His social batteries just don’t run out whereas mine do. My partner can literally have friends over all day every day whereas that would drive me crazy.

I honestly love having the house to myself and just potter around, work and do my own thing. To just do things at my own pace and move a bit slower. My partner is incredibly quick, talks a lot, he’s outgoing, social, bubbly, talkative… All things I love him for and deeply admire. But I’m very much the opposite. I’m more quiet, I love one-on-one conversations, I’m extremely reflective, and I’m not super outgoing, especially not in big groups. I see qualities in both, and I actually think we compliment each other beautifully. He needs a bit of slow living, and I sometimes need to be put out of my comfort zone and go to events, meet up with a group of friends…

But my point with this post was as mentioned that I’ve been reflecting a lot about slow living and how it creates more richness in life. Let me unfold that a little bit. In the mornings I love sipping my coffee really slowly and really taste it. If I’m home alone I also love journaling while I’m sipping my coffee. My partner and I almost always go for morning walks while drinking our morning coffee. Most of the time we chat about this or that, share business ideas (he’s also self-employed), talk about our dreams and goals and just stroll around in silence for a bit. I drink my coffee super slow and truly taste each sip and I’m fully present in the moment.

This, to be, adds richness to my life. I love our early morning walks. I love sipping my coffee slowly. I love seeing the ocean first thing in the morning. I love having conversations about dreams with my partner.

But it’s not just these mornings. I really try to bring this mindset into the rest of my day. I have started scheduling my days so I know when I’ll be writing a blog post, when I’m writing a newsletter, when I’m doing which client work, when I’m practicing yoga or going for a run… Of course, I’m flexible and I can move things around. But overall I stick to my schedule but leave some room for flexibility.

This gives me time to fully focus on writing a blog post when I’m writing a blog post, write an Instagram post when I’m writing one, writing an article when that’s on the agenda, have lunch when I’m having lunch, do yoga when that’s what I’m doing. I’m single tasking so to speak. I try not to scroll through Instagram and start sharing stories while I’m writing a blog post. I try not to do research for an article when I’m in the middle of writing another one. When I’m on the phone with my family or my friends I try to be fully present and engaged in the conversation. I try not to do the dishes, reply to an email, do the laundry…

You could call it slow living, being more present, single tasking or something else. Ultimately, for me, it is about slowing down, choosing quality and adding richness to my life. I find that I’m much happier, content and peaceful when I live my life this way. When I’m not over committing, over scheduling and trying to do one million things at the same time. It adds this sense of richness to my life that I can’t quite explain.

I remember my coach talked about how her word of the year was richness a couple of years ago, and I never fully understood it at the time. But now I do. The world will have you believe that you must always be doing more. Our modern world is extremely extroverted and go-go-go. As an old soul and an introvert (and I know I’m not the only one) this is incredibly hard. Some days I feel left behind. I feel that I arrived late to the platform and the train has already departed, and now I’m left behind, wondering if another train will show up.

I don’t like living life in the fast lane. I don’t like multi-tasking. I don’t like big parties. I don’t enjoy being busy and I certainly don’t wear being busy as a badge of honor. I don’t think being busy, burned out and exhausted is something to be glorified. On the contrary. I want to enjoy my life. I want to live it. I want to feel the richness of life. I want to do the things that light my soul on fire.

For me I experience more richness of life when I slow down. When I don’t buy into the busyness of the world. When I sometimes stay at home while my partner goes to a party so I can recharge and just do my own things. When I truly taste my morning coffee. When I do one thing at a time. When I enjoy and savor the simple things in life.

So, are you tasting your morning coffee? Are you experiencing and feeling the richness of your life?



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