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Choosing faith over fear

7. January 2022

Good morning,

Choosing faith over fear. This is the phrase I come back to almost every day.

I struggled with anxiety for years, and while I no longer have crippling anxiety attacks or experience that kind of raging anxiety I used to, I still find myself getting anxious at times. This, of course, is completely normal. We all worry and feel anxious sometimes. However, I would argue that some of us tend to worry more than others.

Over the years I’ve tried many different things for my anxiety. Essential oils, journaling, yoga, meditation, long walks… I absolutely love journaling, and I find it indredibly helpful for me. I even wrote a whole blog post just dedicated to journaling. I’m a huge advocate for journaling. I also love long walks. They are the best, and I try to go for a long walk on a daily basis. Yoga and meditation are also fantastic. Essential oils are also just lovely. However, the one thing that changed everything for me personally (I’m not saying this will help everyone) is this:

Choosing faith over fear

For me connecting to my spirituality and nurturing my spirituality has been a game changer.

I guess I’ve always felt that there is something that’s bigger than me out there. I never knew if I should call it God, the Universe, the Divine or something entirely different. I’ve come to understand that for me personally I don’t care what “it” is called. Sometimes I say God. Sometimes I say the Universe. To me it’s just different words for the same thing.

For years and years I didn’t connect with my spiritual side at all.

However, once I started working with Paige Schmidt I also started to connect to my spirituality. Believing in something that’s bigger than me and having faith for me means that I can let go of my worries. I can turn them over. Surrender them. I don’t have to carry the weight of the world on my small shoulders.

Oftentimes in the spiritual community I had heard the phrase: Choose love over fear. I love this. Who doesn’t? However, I don’t always find it very helpful. Sure, when I went on my first date after my beloved boyfriend passed away the phrase was helpful. When I wanted to open up my heart to a new man it was helpful. However, when I was generally experiencing anxiety or worry in my day to day life I needed faith.

That’s why I love the phrase choosing faith over fear. To me than means I choose to trust God. Or the Universe. Or the Divine. Whatever you choose to call “it”. I choose to have faith that things will work out. That things will be okay. That I don’t have to be afraid. I’m being taken care of. My faith is what keeps me calm and grounded. This is the foundation for me. It’s what holds everything else.

I actually don’t talk very much about my spirituality and writing this post feels a little scary for me, but this is something that’s so important to me and it has completely transformed my life. This simple little phrase. Choosing faith over fear. It’s too important for me to not share.

I’m not telling you what to believe in. Or to believe in anything really. I’m simply sharing how much of a different my faith has made for me. I’m not a naturally calm or grounded person but my faith makes me calm and grounded. No matter where in the world I am or what I’m doing.

So no matter what if you’re going through something personal or professional that’s challenging maybe try choosing faith over fear. Just maybe it will make as much of difference for you as it does for me.




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