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Don’t buy into the mind drama

6. June 2022

Don’t buy into the mind drama

Have you ever experienced that your mind is telling you to not post that story on Instagram because of what others might think? Had a voice telling you to not eat the delicious slice of chocolate cake? Had a voice telling you that you will never succeed as a coach so you might as well never do a coaching training because what’s the point? How often has your mind told you that you are not good enough? Skinny enough? Beautiful enough?

This is what I call mind drama. In yoga we sometimes refer to this mind as our monkey mind. If left unattended it will run wild. It will come up with all sorts of stories that you might start believing. Lord knows I believed all the stories my monkey mind fed me for years and years.

But here’s the thing; you don’t have to buy into the mind drama.

You don’t have to listen to that little voice because it’s not speaking the truth. Listen to your inner voice. Your intuition. Your higher self. This is your authentic self. This is your truth. Don’t listen to the mind drama.

Mind drama is just that: drama, drama, drama

Mind drama will always come up. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t experience mind drama. I still experience it. Not as often as I used to, but of course my mind will still create drama, and there are days where my mind seems to almost be determined to try to destroy all my ideas, creativity and fun. We all have those days.

However, over the years (and with A TON of coaching, yoga, therapy and other practices) I have learned to tune it out. Let me give you some examples so you know what I’m talking about.

Perhaps I’m about to post something on Instagram, and then poof, mind drama shows up. It might look something like this: what will my mom and sister think if you post this video of myself? What will my family say about me behind my back? I acknowledge that the voice is there. I hear it. I don’t push it away. I do, however, go ahead and post the story anyway. Because the thing is this is my life. Not my family’s life, and I get to decide how I want to live my life. People will talk about you regardless of what you do, so you might as well do the things that make you happy.

Other mind drama could be I sent a text to my friend a while ago, and she still hasn’t responded. Now she probably doesn’t like me anymore. Again, this is simply not true. It’s just your mind trying to create drama and come up with crazy stories. It could also be something like this: my boyfriend is going to visit his family for a week. My mind: well, surely he does not care about me anymore. Again, this is not true. It’s just meaningless mind drama.

We can either choose to buy into it and listen to the mind drama or not buy into it.

In my experience I’m A LOT more happy and peaceful when I do NOT buy into the mind drama. When I have bought into the mind drama, everything in my life has turned dramatic. I would have fights with loved ones, I would cry a lot, I would start believing the crazy stories my mind fed me… So much drama. Drama, drama, drama. It was like a freaking episode of Real Housewives. So much drama.

You absolutely have the power to not buy into the mind drama. You can recognize that it’s there. You notice it. You observe it. But you do NOT give it attention and you most certainly do NOT engage with it and react to it.

I am so much happier, calmer and more grounded when I listen to my inner voice and intuition instead. This is where I shine bright and I’m being my most authentic, truest version of myself.

I hope this post has been helpful.

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