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How I can help you as a coach

3. June 2022

How I can help you as a coach

Hello beautiful soul,

I am so happy that you are here, reading my blog. It honestly means so much to me. THANK YOU! Okay, so let’s talk about how I can help you as a coach, shall we?

Before diving deep into this topic I want to tell you a little bit about my background. I am a certified Health Coach from Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I graduated in 2018. I am also a writer (I studied journalism in university), and I’m a yoga teacher and co-teach on yin yoga therapy trainings in amazing locations like Sri Lanka, the Maldives, India and Bali. I LOVE it.

This also means that I combine coaching and yoga, in particular Yoga Nidra and Yin Yoga. My focus is on finding calm, grounding and healing through yoga and coaching. I will also share many other tools with you during the time we work together but these two are my biggest focuses.

Why, you may ask?

Because coaching and yoga has completely transformed my life. I have experienced how transformational, healing, grounding and calming coaching and yoga has been in my life. I used to suffer from crippling anxiety, depression, an eating disorder, self-doubt, imposter syndrome… The list is endless. However, I have been able to heal and live my life from a calm, grounding place.

I would not have been able to do this work without my wonderful coach (who, by the way, I still work with) and my yoga practice. Working with a coach has been one of the best decisions in my life, and yoga is just my life. It is simply how I live my life.

However, you certainly do NOT need to already practice yoga to do my program. Also, I won’t ask you to do headstands or other crazy things. Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra are all about healing, healing, healing. These practices are about finding calm and grounding. They are about coming back home to your wholeness. To yourself.

By working with a coach and practicing yoga I have been able to transform my life. I am now living my dream life. I’m living in Asia, I write, I have my own business, I co-teach on yoga teacher trainings, I’m in a healthy relationship with a kind, supportive, loving man… I am happy. I am still growing and evolving, but I am happy and I live my life from a calm, grounded, healed place.

What working with me as a coach will look like

I currently offer two programs: a 3-month program and a 6-month program. Essentially, the programs are the same, but in the 6-month program we go much deeper because we have more time together.

During our time together we will have bi-weekly coaching calls of 90-minutes and in-between sessions you will have unlimited email support and unlimited support on Voxer (here you can send me voice messages, and I will reply with a voice message).

Our sessions will be a mix of coaching and yoga. Some sessions we might only do coaching the entire 90 minutes, other sessions you might need a healing yin yoga class for 60-minutes and 30-minutes of coaching. It might also look like 60-minutes of coaching and a 30-minute Yoga Nidra session.

I will tailor the program to YOU. Therefore no two coaching programs will ever look the same. Together we will custom make the coaching program to YOU. Perhaps you need more Yoga Nidra or maybe you need more coaching.

I am never going to just push something on you and force you to something you feel unsafe doing.

As a coach and yoga teacher I provide a safe space where you can be exactly who you are. There is no judgment here. Here, you can shine your light and be your authentic self. I am not here to fix you. You do NOT need fixing.

But I am here to hold your hand every step of the way on your healing journey. Think of me as your guide on the side. I’ll provide you with healing tools, I’ll provide you with a safe space, we will talk, we will do healing, calming, grounding yoga practices, and so much more.

I believe you can fully step into the woman you are meant to be. I believe you can live your best life, and manifest every single dream you have. I truly, deeply believe that with every cell of my being.

Are you ready to say YES to yourself? Then book your FREE 60-minute Discovery Session with me. No strings attached. It’s just a chance for us to get to know each other a little bit better before you commit to working with me. It’s my gift to you.

If you have any questions you are always welcome to contact me.

Lastly, I would be so honored and absolutely LOVE to work with you.

Love & Light,


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