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Inviting more joy into your life

9. October 2022

Hello love,

Today I want to talk about something that’s very close to my heart: Inviting more joy into your life.

This is something I’ve been even more focused on for the past year or so. I used to feel a little guilty whenever I felt too joyful or whenever I would actively choose to do joyful things simply because they brought me joy. I used to think that in order to be successful in my business and life I must always be working, working, working and then working some more. I used to feel guilty for taking a weekly day off. I used to feel guilty for just sitting in the sun with my coffee and reading a book. Or watch a movie just because it felt good. I could go on and on and on.

However, what I have come to learn over time, especially the last year, is that joy is not just important, it is essential for living your best life, and you most definitely need to take time off and allow yourself to simply enjoy life. You do not need to be working all the time. It is completely fine to take some time off and just chill and enjoy life. Do the things that bring you joy just because they bring you joy. You don’t need to overthink it.

Once I started inviting more joy into my life, my business started to flourish and thrive more. I actually started making more money, not less as I had assumed. I also met new friends, made beautiful connections, started to have more memorable experiences and I met my partner. I started to enjoy my life more. I was more fun, happy and joyful to be around. I started saying yes to more things, such as going to the movies, going out for a drink, watching a movie, taking half a day off, going on a hike… I stopped working all the damn time. You could also see it this way: I started letting go and letting God.

This is when magic started to happen. Not just in my business, but in my life. Here’s the thing. We are meant to experience joy in this life. We are meant to have fun. We are meant to do things that bring us joy. We are not meant to be working 24/7 and never take time to recharge and actually live our lives. Nobody has ever said “oh, how I wished I had worked more” when they were on their death bed. It is always things like “I wish I had worked less” or “I wished I had spent more time with my family” or “I wish I had pursued xyz”.

We cannot wait to live our lives. Life is here right now. Life is happening right now. So, don’t wait. Invite more joy into your life now. Not tomorrow, not next Monday or next year. Invite joy in now.

I cannot tell you exactly what inviting more joy into your life will look like, but I can share some things that bring me joy that I try to do as often as possible (some of the things I do daily):

  • Journaling in the morning
  • Sipping my morning coffee slowly
  • Not checking social media, emails, messages etc. first thing in the morning
  • Wearing clothes I love
  • Talking to and spending quality time with the people I love
  • Going for walks, hikes, and runs in nature and generally just being in nature
  • Day or weekend trips – even just an afternoon trip somewhere
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Connecting with like minded people
  • Going to yoga/barre/pilates classes at my local yoga studio
  • Working from a coffee shop every once in a while
  • Taking myself on a little shopping day and just treat myself
  • Having a beautiful home
  • Movie nights
  • Big mugs
  • Hot chocolate with marshmallows (I haven’t had this in a while since I’ve been in warm weather forever)
  • Lots of time with my partner
  • Flowers

These are just some of the things that bring me joy. I could keep going, but I hope that some of these things might inspire you. Often it’s really just about listening to your inner voice. You already know what brings you joy so follow your inner voice and start doing more of the things that bring you joy and see how your life transforms.

Much love,


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