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How I’m embracing joyful movement

28. January 2022

Hello hello,

I just came back home from a run, and as I was running I started thinking about the importance of joyful movement. Pretty much up until the end of 2021, I didn’t find any joy in movement. I was forcing myself to get on my mat six days a week (at the crack of dawn, mind you). I was utterly exhausted, both mentally and physically. I had no energy, I was sleep deprived, I was injured, my body was in constant paint, I was tired, and I had to drag myself out of bed. It was everything but joyful and it certainly was VERY unhealthy, both physically and mentally.

For those who may not know I practiced Ashtanga Yoga (I’ve now stepped completely away from that practice). For me personally Ashtanga Yoga was very damaging, unhealthy, unfilling, and it didn’t do my any good. At all. This is not to say that this is everyone’s experience, but it was my experience. I experienced a lot of fanatasim in the community, judgment towards other styles of yoga (and generally non-practioners). To me it felt more like a cult than a community. But that is just my experience. If it works for others, wonderful!

Joyful movement

Today, I am ALL about joyful movement. I still enjoy Yin Yoga and Strala Yoga. I love how these two styles are all about listening to your body, and there kind of aren’t any rules. It’s so much about listening to your body, and I absolutely love that. So much, that I’m going to start helping my dear yin yoga teacher, Alexandra Denkinger, out on some of her trainings. This is something I’m really excited about as I now get to share joyful movement.

Joyful movement for me means that you find JOY in movement. Lots and lots of joy. For instance, I’ve started running, and I have so much fun with this. I’m running with my parent’s dog, and we just have the best time. Mind you, I’m not training for a marathon. I have no idea how long I run. I take walks/breaks when I need to, I push myself when I know I can do it, and that feels good too.

I NEVER, not in a million years, thought I would enjoy running. In fact, I’ve always hated running. With a passion. And look at me now, enjoying my runs. I’m not going to train for a race or anything. I don’t like running when it’s raining or too windy, so I simply just don’t go running on those days. If I’m too tired or sore, I’ll do something else that feels better. Or rest.

I’ve also started doing these amazing workout videos with Blogilates. I’ve downloaded the app, and I just love it. Cassey is such a ray of sunshine and pure joy, and she makes working out FUN. This to me is joyful movement. She has all sorts of workout videos, and I think most of them are between 10-35 minutes, which suits me perfectly. She has full-body workouts, abs, strectching… She has it all. She really makes working out fun, and I can highly recommend her videos.

I’ve also started walking more. I’ve always loved walking. I also have plans to learn how to surf when I travel to Asia (I’ll do a whole blog post about this soon) in the spring. Snorkling would also be kind of fun. Sometimes I’ll also just pop on some music and dance my heart out.

I really don’t have a set workout schedule or anything like that. I listen to my body, and I fully embrace joyful movement. I am DONE with all the force. No more. I want bliss, joy, fulfillment, fun, and happiness. I am making my life a work of art.



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