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Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone

31. March 2022

The best things in life are often waiting for you at the exit ramp of your comfort zone.

– Karen Salmansohn

comfort zone

I came across this quote the other day while on Pinterest (I love Pinterest!). My dear yoga teacher Alex Denkinger often says that life begins at the edge of your comfort zone (or something along those lines). I couldn’t agree more. My own story is a true testament to that statement.

I truly believe that we have to get out of our comfort zone in order to live a fulfilled, happy, aligned life. Don’t get me wrong sometimes it can be nice to stay in your comfort zone for a little while. But eventually you have to leave your comfort zone.

For me personally I’ve always dreamed of writing, having my own business and traveling the world. Ever since I was a kid this is something I’ve really wanted. To travel the world. Write. However, I’m also a naturally worried and anxious person (trusting the universe has been a real gamer changer for me!). I think for the majority of people, myself included, staying in the comfort zone is the easiest thing to do. Nothing scary happening here. However, in my own experience this has never led me anywhere interesting in particular.

A little under a year ago I decided to start my own business. The universe was almost pushing me out of my comfort zone by this point. I knew in my heart it was time for a BIG change. So, my ex-boyfriend and I split up and I started my own business. Fast forward to now, and I’m about to travel the world. I have a thriving business, and I love my work. Sure, I still have big dreams and visions for my business and I see it growing and evolving, but I honestly love my job and what I do. And in about two weeks I will travel to the Maldives and many more countries!

Leaving your comfort zone can be scary

I know all about how scary leaving your comfort zone feels. Starting my own business has been a roller coaster. Around Christmas I spend most of the time freaking out, crying, panicking and wondering what on earth I had gotten myself into. Why didn’t I just find a cushy 9-5 job? I was not low-key freaking out. I was freaking out BIG TIME. However, I kept trusting the universe and listening to my inner voice (and I have an incredibly supportive family), which told me that having my own business was the right choice. It would lead to me living my dream life.

And it has. I’m about to travel the world, I get to write, I am going to teach yoga in beautiful destinations across the globe. I have a thriving business, and I’m showered with abundance. I am so blessed.

But starting my own business was WAY OUT of my comfort zone. As in way out. It was scary. Oh, so scary.

And let me tell you something else. While I am 90 percent excited to travel the world and embark on this exciting new chapter and adventure, I am 10 percent scared. I know I will miss my family. I worry if the internet/wi-fi will be okay… I won’t bore you with this list, because it’s simply not what I choose to focus on. But I just want to let you know that YES I am scared as well. Traveling the world solo with my own business is outside my comfort zone. Absolutely. No doubt about it.

However, I will still do it. Because as the quote I started this blog post with says, this is where the best things in life are. I have a deep longing to see the world, to write books, to meet interesting people, to continue having my own business, to teach and share yoga…

And the good thing about my job is that when I miss my family too much I can always board a plane and visit everyone. Isn’t that a true blessing? I think it is. I have no doubt in my heart that I will come back to Denmark a few times every year to visit family and friends.

I encourage you to step outside your comfort zone. No matter how small that step is. Perhaps it’s getting your morning coffee from a different coffee shop. Maybe it’s leaving your job. Maybe it’s having kids. Maybe it’s traveling the world. Perhaps it’s joining a different yoga class. Or maybe it’s going to a dance class. Maybe it’s saying yes to an exciting new job. Moving to a different city…

I don’t know what stepping outside your comfort zone looks like. You certainly don’t have to start your own business, travel the world, write and teach yoga to leave your comfort zone. We are all so different. My lifestyle could sound like hell to you. Or maybe it sounds like heaven. Leaving one’s comfort zone will look different for every single person. And that’s okay. It doesn’t have to look the same. In fact, wouldn’t it be boring if it looked the same?

With these words I encourage you to step outside your comfort zone, even if it’s just a teeny tiny step.

Love & Light,


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