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Make decisions from a place of calm

1. June 2022

Make decisions from a place of calm

Good morning beautiful soul,

Have you ever been out with friends, had a couple of drinks, and you then make plans that in the moment seem to be the best plans in the entire world, but the next day those plans don’t seem so appealing anymore? Have you ever made a decision when you were feeling really sad, angry or anxious, only to regret that decision once you have calmed down?

We have all been there. That is why I would like to talk about making decisions from a place of calm. You see, I think it’s so, so, so important that we make decisions from a place of calm.

When we are feeling anxious, angry, sad, or even over the moon happy we don’t always make the wisest decisions. When we are feeling these emotions it can be very easy to let them consume us, and then we make decisions based on those feelings.

I have made A LOT of decisions based on my emotions and without listening to my inner voice or intuition. I have especially made many decisions from a place of fear, worry and anxiety. I don’t get angry very often. I tend to gravitate towards feelings of anxiety, worry and fear instead. But at the end of the day it’s all the same. We end up making decisions from whatever it is we are feeling in that moment without tuning into our inner voice.

Here’s the thing, if I’m anxious, worried and feeling fearful it’s VERY hard for me to hear my inner voice and intuition. The voices of my anxiety will be louder than the voice of my intuition. Over the years, I’ve grown older and wiser, and I’ve learned to NOT make decisions when I’m feeling anxious, worried or fearful. Simply because I don’t wish to make decisions from a place of anxiety. I don’t wish for fear, worry and anxiety to dictate the direction of my life.

Make decisions from a place of calm

Today, if I’m feeling anxious, angry, overly happy (you know that feeling when you have had two drinks), fearful etc., I just don’t make big decisions. These are not the moments where I make big life decisions, business decisions, say yes or no to plans…

Instead, I take care of myself. I breathe. I do yoga. I meditate. I journal. I talk to a friend or my partner. I go for a walk in nature. I make a cup of tea and sit quietly for a moment. I turn off my phone (or leave it in a different room). I allow myself to simply just be.

Then when I have calmed down and I’m once again grounded and I can clearly hear my inner voice, then I make the decision.

I no longer let my feelings take the steering wheel. I want to live my life from a place of authenticity, alignment and calm. The decisions I make I make based on my intuition and I try to only make decisions from a place of calm.

Don’t make decisions when you’re overly happy

Now, this might seem like an unpopular opinion, but I actually don’t think you should make decisions when you are overly happy. Of course, small decisions can be just fine, but I’m talking about bigger, more important decisions. If we are feeling overly happy we might agree to things that we don’t actually want to do when the time comes around.

For instance, what happens when I’m overly happy is that I often over schedule myself. I make one million plans, which leaves me feeling absolutely exhausted and drained.

Of course, I’m not telling you to not be happy. I’m a very happy person, and I want you to be happy as well. Like dancing through the woods kind of happy. You deserve to be so, so happy.

All I’m saying is that when you have a big decision to make, make it from a place of calm. When we are calm we can hear our intuition and inner voice much clearer, and in my experience we make the best decisions when we make decisions based on our intuition. This way we make decisions that are truly in alignment with who we who, and we make decisions that are true and authentic.

So, next time you have a big decision to make I encourage you to make the decision from a place of calm. If you need to meditate, journal, go for a walk in nature, do some yoga or something else first, do that. There is nothing wrong with telling someone that you need a little time to make a decision. Of course, sometimes we just instantly know what decision to make, and we can hear our intuition and inner voice clearly in that moment. Then that’s great.

In my personal experience I make much better decisions when I make decisions from a place of calm where I can truly hear and listen to my inner voice.

Love & Light,


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