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My new adventure as a digital nomad

26. March 2022

Digital nomad

Hello hello,

I hope you are all doing well. If you already read this post, then you already know that I’m about to embark on a whole new adventure as a digital nomad. I’ll be assisting on several Yin Yoga Therapy Trainings this year, which is something I feel both blessed, humbled and excited about. But that’s not all I’ll be doing. You see ever since I was a kid I wanted to travel the world and write.

Well, I’m already a writer and I have my own business. A dream come true (but also a dream I work REALLY HARD on every single day). I work from home, and I can work from literally anywhere in the world. And now that the world is finally opening up again I thought to myself that now is the time to start the next chapter as a digital nomad. Oh, how exciting this is!

As mentioned I’ve always wanted to travel and see the world. I love moving. Immerse myself in cultures. I love nature. Wildlife. And I want to see the world, and I want to write about it while doing it. I will bring my work/business with me and then I’ll travel. Hint, why it’s called a digital nomad. My work won’t really change. I’m keeping all my clients. I truly LOVE working with all my clients, and I feel so blessed and grateful to have SUCH wonderful clients both from Denmark and outside Denmark. Seriously, so blessed and deeply grateful.

I’ve worked very hard towards designing the life of my dreams, but what I can tell you is that in my experience once I decided on doing this the universe worked faster than I could EVER have imagined. My business is thriving, and I have more than enough work. I have the opportunity to assist on yoga teacher trainings in so many beautiful countries, I have the best clients, and in about three weeks I get to see a whole lot more of this amazing, beautiful, crazy, incredible planet that we are blessed enough to call home.

New chapter as a digital nomad

Naturally, I’m also a bit nervous about embarking on this new chapter as a digital nomad. I think that’s only natural and to be expected. I LOVE my family, and I am a very big family person. I’m very close to both my parents and sister, and I truly love hanging out with them. The absolute hardest part about being a digital nomad will that I know I’ll miss my family. A LOT. Luckily, there are phones so I’ll still be able to speak with them daily.

And the good thing about being a digital nomad and having the job I have is that, well, I am a nomad. Just like I can travel to Bali and work from there anytime I like, I can also go back home to Denmark and see my family anytime I like. Denmark will always be my home. I’m just going to explore the world and live the life of my dreams. Because I have – and will continue to – design the life of my dreams.

My adventure as a digital nomad will start with two weeks on Fulidhoo in the Maldives. Next up, Sri Lanka, then Bali, Thailand (I think) and then India before going back to Denmark for a bit and then I’ll see where life then takes me! There are so many places and countries I want to visit, and I am so excited to start with these five countries. I’ve already been to India, but I’m beyond excited to go back! Such an amazing country!

Anyway, I’ll post a whole lot more on this blog once I start traveling. I want to talk and share my travels, what I learn, what I see, the stories I come across, life as a digital nomad, having my own business, writing, creativity, spirituality, yoga… There is so much I want to share.

I am so ready and so excited for this new chapter as a digital nomad. So stay tuned!

Much love, light, and happy vibes,


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