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My travel adventure

4. February 2022

Hey there,

If you have been reading my recent blog posts you know I’ve mentioned more than once that I’m going on a travel adventure in the spring. That’s why I thought I wanted take a moment to write a whole blog post about it. This is something I’m beyond excited about. I’ve always wanted to travel the world, and while I certainly have been very fortunate to travel both around Europe and the US as a kid and visit India and US (and naturally see more of Europe as well) as an adult as well, I’ve never traveled quite as much as I wanted to.

This is not just because of the pandemic. I think the main reasons why I haven’t traveled more are fear and being stuck in a very bad relationship (luckily it ended last summer!) with a guy who was unable to travel anywhere (which made me realize how lucky I am to have a Danish passport!). Anway, I won’t bore you with all these things. Suffice, to say I haven’t been traveling nearly as much as I have always wanted to.

But that is all about to change! My grand plan is to start my travel adventure in April, and then I’ll just see how long I want to travel. I have a feeling I’ll be traveling for quite some time.

My travel adventure

My plan is to start in Sri Lanka and the Maldives, and then take it from there. I’m going to assist on a yin yoga teacher training in Sri Lanka in June, which is why it makes sense to start in Sri Lanka. Also, have you seen how magical Sri Lanka and the Maldives look?! I mean, it’s out of this world!

Exactly where I’ll go after Sri Lanka and the Maldives is unsure. I know I want to stay in Asia for some time and explore this magnificent continent! I have so many destinations I want to visit in Asia when I embark on my travel adventure. Bali, Borneo, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Japan (I REALLY want to see the cherry trees!), Taiwan, South Korea, I want to go back to India… Honestly, my list is endless, haha! After Asia, well, then the rest of the world awaits!

Before you ask, no I haven’t saved up a billion dollars. In fact, I haven’t really saved up anything. I only started my business in 2021, and that took a huge toll on my savings account. So, I’m going to be honest with you. I don’t have a ton of money to spend on traveling.

However, I have build a business that I can take with me, and I can work from literally anywhere in the world. Which is honestly one of the reasons I started this business. I want total freedom and flexibility in terms of when and where I work. I don’t mind putting in 60 hours per week (or more), as long as I can just work from anywhere in the world. That to me is freedom.

When traveling I also plan to blog about it. Perhaps you already guessed that. I want to write about my travels. I want to write travel guides, share travel tips, write travel articles (I also want to sell travel articles to magazines, websites, newspapers etc.)… So yes, I’m going to work full time when traveling. And this is exactly what I want it to be like.

I know I’m not going to a new Simon Reeve or The Blonde Abroad. All, I know is I want to write about my travels, and as a journalist, well, I have the skills (not to toot my own horn) to do that. I also want to learn how to take nice photos, and I want to build this blog, and yes, I want to sell travel articles. Because yes, I do want to make money and have a thriving business, and I can feel it happening.

If you have any tips or advice I welcome it with open arms. If you know anyone (company, magazine, newspaper…) who’s looking for a writer/journalist/copywriter I would be endlessly grateful if you could refer me to them.

I will keep you posted on my travel adventure, and once I’m actually on it I can guarantee you that you will read all about my adventures. And hey, maybe I’ll even learn how to do videos!




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