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My Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Goa, India

5. February 2022

If you don’t already know I’m a yin yoga teacher. I did my yin yoga teacher training in Goa, India with Yin Yoga Therapy Teacher Training. In fact, I’m also going to be an assistant teacher on Alex’s yin yoga teacher trainings in Sri Lanka in June. Isn’t that exciting? This is also part of the reason why I’m starting my travel adventure in Sri Lanka and the Maldives.

I thought I wanted to share my experience with my yin yoga teacher training, and why I decided to do the one I did. I absolutely loved my training with Alex! Probably also why I’m working with her now, and I’m going to assist her on some of her trainings.

Why I chose this yin yoga teacher training

I knew I wanted to go to India for my teacher training, and I knew I wanted to do a yin yoga teacher training. So I started researching, and to my surprise I discovered that there weren’t that many yin yoga teacher trainings. Yin yoga is very specific, but I still was a little surprised to find how few trainings there were. On the other hand I thought this might mean that the trainings that were offered most likely would be of high quality.

I can’t remember specifically how I found Yin Yoga Therapy Training (maybe through Google or, I really don’t remember). I read everything on her website. Like everything. And then I emailed Alex asking her which training would be a good fit for me, I asked her some questions about the level of the training seeing as I was already teaching yoga and I didn’t want to join a beginner’s training. Alex was so sweet. She answered all my questions about the training and about India (e.g. I wanted to know if it was safe traveling to India by myself).

What also made me choose Yin Yoga Therapy Training is Alex’s backgound in acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. This to me sounded very interesting, and I was curious to know more about this.

Alex is a wise soul with a lot of wisdom to share, and it really shines through in her trainings. I did a 100-hour yin yoga teacher training with her, and I loved it. We were a small group of five young women, and we all got a long really well. We had such a good time!

Goa, India

I instantly fell in love with Goa. I honestly think that either you love India or you hate it. I LOVE India, and I can’t wait to go back there (hopefully later this year or early 2023). India is such a fascinating country with so much natural beauty, culture, colors and amazing food. Sure, there’s also a backside to India. I’m not going to sugarcoat it. There’s a lot of poverty, it’s dirty, there’s trash in the streets and on the beaches, and it’s not the safest country as a solo female traveler. However, I felt 100% safe the entire time being there.

Goa is an incredible beautiful part of India with lush greenery, pristine sand beaches, welcoming locals, delicious food, great shopping (I know traveling isn’t about shopping, but I love shopping when traveling so I had to mention it), and overall I just felt very safe there.

If you are looking for a yin yoga teacher training I can highly recommend Yin Yoga Therapy Training (and not just because I will assist on some of the trainings). Alex is a very competent teacher and a kind, warm person, and she cares very much about what she does.

She offers trainings in various lengths in different locations (Bali, Sri Lanka, Goa, the Maldives, Fuerteventura), and she also offers trainings for experienced teachers looking to deeping their own practice and dive into the world of yin yoga.



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