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6 amazing reasons why you should get a health coach

12. January 2022

As you probably already know I’m a certified Health Coach. I graduated from Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2018. Since then I’ve used my certification for writing columns, articles, I’ve used it when I’ve taught yoga, and most importantly I’ve used it in my own life. But this year I’m feeling called to start coaching. As in actually taking on clients. This is something I’m immensenly excited about, and I think it will be so fulfilling.

love my writing business, and it’s no going anywhere. However, I do want to start coaching as well. When I decided to become a health coach this was originally my plan, but then life happened. However, this year it feels so right to start coaching.

Since graduating IIN in 2018, I have grown and evolved so much. Growth I feel has been important for me before I started my own coaching business. I’m excited to share more about all of this with you in other blog posts.

My plan is to officially launch my coaching business in the spring, but if you feel called to work together before then, you are always welcome to contact me.

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6 amazing reasons why you should get a health coach

Experience more calm in your life

One of the things that I’ve personally gained from working with a health coach is much more calm. Before I started working with my coach I was struggling with crippling anxiety, and I was everything but calm. I was constantly worried about food, calories, losing weight, money and just about everything else.

I am not a naturally calm person, but coaching has helped me become a much calmer person.


I don’t know about you but I certainly need accountability to achieve my goals. I love having a coach that I know will ask me about my goals, and ask me if I’m working towards them and doing the things I said I would do. If you are anything like me Netflix can be all too tempting if I no there’s nobody to keep you accountable.


We all need support. Sometimes we stumble, we fail, we fall and we feel discouraged. In these times having support is priceless. My family and friends are very supportive, which is something I am beyond grateful for. But I also love having a health coach that can support me. Whether it’s personal or professional. My coach has been a huge support for me. She is the reason I decided to become a health coach myself. Her support in my intuitive eating journey was so important for me.

Make peace with food

Before I started working with a health coach my relationship with food was bad. I was dieting, binge eating, over exercising, counting calories, I had a yo-yo weight, and generally my relationship with food kept me from living my life. Through health coaching I finally made peace with food and learned to be an intuitive eater.

Learn to listen & trust your body

This is an extension of the above. As I made peace with food I also learned to listen and trust my body. I learned to trust my hunger signals and my cravings. I learned to eat when hungry and stop eating when full.

Step into your light & be your authentic self

Overall, what happened through coaching was that I stepped into my light and I become my authentic self. My life is by no means perfect, but I am much happier and I’m living a life aligned with my values and beliefs.

There are so many reasons why I think working with a health coach is absolutely amazing and I could go on and on all afternoon. But these are some of my biggest take-aways from working with a coach.



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