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Setting goals for an amazing 2022

5. January 2022

This morning I was setting goals for 2022, and I thought why not share them on the blog? I already shared my word for 2022 with you. In that post I already mentioned what I wanted more of this year and what I want my life to look like. This post is a little bit of an extension of that blog post where I’m getting a bit more specific.

First of all, setting goals is not something I just do. I’ve been reflecting on my word for 2022 and my goals for the past couple of weeks. Especially over the holidays when I took some much needed time off to rest and spend time with my family. I’ve been reflecting, journaling and listening to my inner voice. And then this morning I decided to get really specific, and I decided it was time to write down these goals in my journal.

When I’m setting goals I am very intuitive about it, and I also make them realistic. I don’t make my goals unattainable. As Tony Robbins say: “Most people overestimate what they can do in a year and underestimate what they can do in 10 years.” Dream big, but don’t make your goals impossible to reach.

setting goals

Setting goals for 2022

Okay, here are some of my goals for 2022:

  • Travel to Bali (I already have a plan to spend a few months in Bali during spring/summer if the pandemic allows it, of course)
  • Start my own coaching business. You can read a bit more about that here.
  • Join Aligned Coaching
  • Truly embrace intuitive eating & movement
  • Work with amazing clients
  • Be more bold and reach out to potential clients in my writing business
  • Spend less time on social media and be more present in my life
  • Write a book
  • Start a newsletter
  • Write and share two blog posts each week
  • Be more organized
  • Spend more quality time with family and friends
  • Spend more time in nature
  • Live more slowly
  • Live how to knit
  • Be brave with my life and life in the arena (as Brené Brown puts it)
  • Enjoy life more (also why my word for 2022 is bliss)

There you have it. This is what I’ve been reflecting on when I’ve been setting goals for this year.

My plan is to return to my goals frequently during the year, and then at the end of 2022 I’ll do a recap.

A rich & fulfulling 2022

I see myself living a richer, more fulfilling and more slow life in 2022. I see my business thriving. I see myself working with amazing clients (I already work with some pretty wonderful clients which I’m beyond grateful for) from all corners of the globe. I see myself writing much more. I’ve always loved writing (the main reason I decided to study journalism), and I want to really return to my writing roots. I’m already off to a very good start with this. I’ve written several blog posts, I’m journaling almost every day, I write a ton for my clients, and I have several ideas for books. I think 2022 will be a real writing year for me.

I also see myself spending much more time in nature. When setting goals for 2022 and deciding on my word for this year I became so clear to me how much I dislike living in the city. I am NOT a city person. I love nature. I like visiting the city for a weekend and feel the energy. However, buildings and tons of people in one place is not my jam. Not anymore. I like quiet. I like peace. I love animals. I love nature. Being in a city doesn’t energize me or fulfills me in anyway. I like small towns. I like working at cute café in smaller towns where things are moving at a slower pace.

I could keep writing forever, and I’m sure I will, but let’s end this post here 😉

Are you setting any goals for 2022?



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