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The importance of a morning routine

19. October 2022

I’ve already talked about this topic a couple of times over on Instagram, but I think it’s so important to have a morning routine. I am personally someone who needs my whole morning free. I know this can sound like a luxury, but I have designed my life in such a way where this is actually possible. I don’t mind replying to emails at night, doing a meeting in the evening or generally just doing some work in the evening. I do, however, need my mornings to be clear. When I say I need my whole morning clear I’m actually talking about about four-five hours from I get up till I typically start working.

So, what do I even do with all that time? Well, it differs every day but let me give you an example of what my morning today looked like: I got up around 5 AM, had a coffee at home and went to a yoga class at 6 AM. My boyfriend then met me at the studio at 7 AM, we got coffees to-go (I love my coffee) and drove to Mount Maunganui and went for a walk around the mount (it takes about 45 minutes). When we got home my boyfriend headed straight into work, while I meditated, did 15 minutes in the sauna, got ready for the day, had breakfast and then started working around 10.

My boyfriend and I always go on a morning walk while we have our coffee. I love this time so much. We like getting up early, while the world is still asleep. I love the conversations we have on these walks. We always leave our phones behind (I sometimes bring mine to take photos but it’ll be on airplane mode), which means we can just be fully present with each other. The talks we have on these walks are so good. We usually talk about our goals and dreams, but what is also really special is that we actually come up with strategies for how to make these dreams and goals happen. I am a dreamer with a capital D, but my boyfriend has the amazing ability to help me take all of these dreams and make them into tangible, smaller goals that are absolutely manageable. At the same time he is also a dreamer and believes everything is possible.

I honestly think our best “business meetings” are on these walks (just FYI we each have our own business but we help and support each other and bounce off ideas of each other all the time). Okay, I just went off a little tangent here. Let’s get back to the morning routine.

I strongly believe that how we start our day is how we approach the rest of the day. That’s why I’m so big on not opening my emails, Instagram and looking at messages first thing in the morning. If I do that I get all jacked up, and that’s the energy I’m bringing into the rest of my day.

If, however, I start my day in a calm, slow, centered and grounded way that is the energy I’m bringing into my day. I don’t want to start my day feeling overwhelmed, stressed and anxious. I want to start my day in a calm, grounded and slow way. By doing so I’m also much calmer when I’m working, I am much more calm if something challenging arises during the day, and overall I’ve just noticed that my day is much better and I can show up as my best self in every area of my life.

If I start my day already stressed out and anxious I am NOT showing up as my best self. I’m not showing up as my best in my business, for my clients, as a girlfriend, a friend or anything else for that matter. If, however, I start my day in a calm and slow way I have noticed that I actually can show up as my best self in all areas of my life (of course, your best self will look different every day).

Now, you certainly don’t have to have a 4-5 hour long morning routine. My boyfriend goes on our walk and has his coffee – that’s his morning routine before he starts working. My dad has his coffee and breakfast and then takes the dogs for a walk around their farm. I always go for our walk, have a coffee, and then I’ll usually either do yoga or go for a run and have a sauna and eat my breakfast. If I’m home alone I sometimes journal while having my coffee instead of going for a walk. I also sometimes meditate. As mentioned I switch it up, and I don’t do the same thing every morning.

I invite you to find a morning routine that works for you. It doesn’t have to look like my morning routine. Perhaps your morning routine is taking 20 minutes to slip your coffee slowly while enjoying the sunshine on your face. Perhaps it’s going to your favorite yoga class, going for a walk on the beach or a run in the forest. Maybe it’s journaling or meditating. I would encourage you to make this a time where you don’t scroll through social media, reply to emails or start working. Allow this to be a time to nourish your soul and start the day in the best possible way so you can bring that energy into the rest of your day.

I hope this post has left you feeling inspired to create your own morning routine (no matter how that looks for you).




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