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Coffee talk: Thoughts before starting a new chapter as a digital nomad

28. March 2022

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If you read my post from yesterday you know I’m about to embark on a new adventure as a digital nomad in less than three weeks. In fact, I leave for the Maldives on April 16th! I already shared some of my thoughts about this new adventure in the post yesterday, but I thought I wanted to share more thoughts with you. I thought it would be so lovely to do posts called “Coffee talks” every now and then. These posts can be about anything and everything. Mostly, I want them to feel like we are having coffee together and chatting away.

I’ve been planning this new chapter of my life for months and months and I am so excited (and a bit fearful!) that the time has almost come for me to board the plane. For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to travel the world and write. I feel so incredibly blessed and grateful that I have manifested this dream. On a side note, I want to do a whole post about manifesting your dreams. This is something I LOVE talking about!

Anyway, let’s talk a bit more about my thoughts and feelings as I am about to embark on this journey and adventure as a digital nomad with my own business.

Thoughts before starting a new chapter as a digital nomad

Most of all I am excited. Beyond excited actually. I feel utterly blessed and grateful that this is happening. That this dream of mine is coming true. I have my own business, I work with amazing clients from all corners of the globe, I am happy, and now I get to travel the world, assist Yin Yoga Therapy Training on several trainings in beautiful destinations, and I get to bring all my work with me. I feel so, so blessed and grateful.

I would also like to take a moment to say that I have worked extremely hard (and continue to work hard) to make this come about. I manifested this. I have and continue to put in the work. I truly and wholeheartedly believe that the universe will meet you halfway there, but that also means you have to meet the universe halfway there. More on this in a different post. Ah, I’ve got so many blog posts I want to write.

But back to my thoughts and feelings before embarking on this adventure as a digital nomad.

While I am extremely excited and feel so grateful and blessed that this is happening, I am also scared. I worry how good the internet will be, how much I’ll miss my family and the fact that I am a solo female traveler. Luckily, I know others are thriving as digital nomads, and I have done my fair share of traveling alone already.

I’ve been lucky enough to visit India, and the internet wasn’t too bad. Naturally, there were blackouts but working from there was possible, and my dear teacher lives and works from there, so overall this is not something I am overly worried about. And luckily I can also do plenty of my work offline so I feel in my heart that everything will be fine!

I know I will miss my family a lot once I travel. Luckily, the good thing about being a digital nomad is that I can always visit my family whenever I miss them too much. What a blessing that is! As far as my concerns for traveling solo I have read A TON of stories from fellow solo female travellers and as mentioned I have traveled quite a bit by myself previously.

So, overall, I am just really excited. This feel so aligned and true. It is the right path for. I have no doubt about that. It just feels right. Absolutely and utterly right. Yes, fear is present. Fear will probably always be present. But I know this is right. This is the path I am meant to be on. I feel so guided, supported, loved, and connected.

I cannot wait to share this journey as a digital nomad with you. If you are reading this from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU.

Much Love & Light,


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