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Weekend Reads & Listens Volume 2

4. February 2022

Good afternoon,

I’m here to share another round of Weekend Reads & Listens with you guys! I am already loving sharing what I enjoy reading and listening to during the week. I’m thinking I’ll also add things to watch on the list as well. Because, why not?

So without further ado, let’s dive into this weekend’s reads & listens!

Weekend reads

Weekend Reads & Listens Volume 2

I recently wrote a blog post for Inika Superfoods all about embracing intuitive eating and movement. Naturally, I’m biased, but I think it’s a really good blog post, which you can read right HERE.

I also really loved THIS article from BBC Travel. It’s called “A Caribbean take on body positivity”, and it’s such a lovely read!

As you may already know I contribute with several articles in Scan Magazine every month. I very much enjoy writing for Scan! We just published the February issue, which you can read HERE.

So, as mentioned I wanted to also share what I’m watching. Currently, I’m binge watching every program I can find with Simon Reeve. If you love traveling, and you aren’t familiar with Simon Reeve, you are missing out. Big time! I LOVE his programs. Seriously, if you have nothing to do this weekend, just go binge watch his programs. If you’re in Denmark you can watch them on DR TV.

Not just this week, but every week, I enjoy reading newsletters/emails from Paige Schmidt. Her emails are always heartwarming, inspiring, and uplifting.

Lastly, this week I discovered The Blonde Abroad (don’t ask me why I’m just now discovering her). She has SO many amazing blog posts about traveling and photography. As someone who’s going going traveling (solo!!) in a couple of months I’m finding tons of inspiration on her blog, and it honestly makes me feel a lot safer knowing there are other solo female travelers out there!

Okay, that’s it for this weekend’s reads & listens!

If you read something inspiring, interesting  or insightful always feel free to share it with me!

Have a lovely weekend!



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