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Weekend Reads & Listens volume 1

29. January 2022

Good afternoon,

I hope your weekend is off to a great start! I’ve been working most of the day. I did go for a walk with the dog and do a stretching video with Blogilates though. Sooo lovely! Later today I’m going to relax with some hot chocolate, a series my mom and I started watching last night and, of course, knitting!

But before doing so I’ve decided to start a new series called Weekend Reads & Listens. During the week I read so many articles and listen to amazing podcasts that I thought why not share these reads and listens with others?

If possible, I’ll try to do this every weekend.

weekend reads

Weekend reads & Listens volume 1

This is a really interesting article about jasmine in Egypt.

Another great read from BBC about travel is this article about Wild Nephin National Park in Ireland.

This podcast episode about confidence is such a good listen!

I also really enjoyed this podcast episode where Katie Dalebout interviews Joshua Jackson.

I’m traveling to Sri Lanka in the spring (I’m planning to stay there a couple of months). So naturally, Lonely Planet’s travel guide to Sri Lanka is extremely interesting reading (for me at least, ha!).

Okay, that’s it for this weekend! I hope you enjoy this new series.



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