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5 fantastic yin yoga poses for calm and grounding

5. April 2022

Yin yoga poses for calm and grounding

As you probably already know I’m a yin yoga teacher. I have such a deep love for this beautiful practice. I would like to preface that I personally believe you can “use” all yin yoga poses for calm and grounding. I don’t believe there’s only five you can use. I just really LOVE these five poses which is why I’ve chosen these five yin yoga poses for calm and grounding specifically.

I received my yin yoga teacher certification from Yin Yoga Therapy Training. I cannot say enough good things about my training. Which is exactly why I’ve also said a big, fat YES to teaching on several of the trainings this year. You can read more about that in this post. I would love for you to come join one of the trainings. I know you will love it just as much as I did.

But back to the yin yoga poses for calm and grounding. I really do believe that yin yoga is the perfect practice for creating lots of calm and grounding in your life. I also LOVE Strala Yoga and Tara Stiles. In fact, I usually practice Strala and Yin Yoga. I used to practice Ashtanga yoga but it became toxic for me. The practice, the community, all of it. At the end I felt there was just no air. No freedom. No joy. Strala and Yin both bring me so much joy. Truly.

Sometimes I’ll do a few yin yoga poses after a strala class, other times I’ll only do yin yoga. Either way I love the practice. I haven’t been to a yin yoga class in almost three years (I practice on my own) so I am beyond excited that I get to practice yin yoga almost every day when I’m going to the Maldives. Ah, how blissful that will be!

5 fantastic yin yoga poses for calm and grounding

As mentioned earlier I believe that you can use all yin yoga poses for calm and grounding, not just these five. These five just so happen to be my favorite yin yoga poses. Not just for calm and grounding, just in general.


I love, love, love pigeon (it’s called swan in yin yoga). This might just be my ultimate favorite yin yoga pose for calm and grounding. I seriously love this pose soooo much. It’s just such a yummy pose. I love how I can just melt into the pose while working on opening my hips and I get a deep stretch on my outer thigh. I just love it. Sometimes I’ll even scroll through Instagram, watch Netflix or talk to a friend on the phone while in this pose (yes, I’m weird, I know).

Child’s pose

I mean, I had to put Child’s pose on the list, right? There’s just no way I could talk about yin yoga and NOT mention Child’s Pose. What’s not to love about this pose. Depending on how I feel I’ll either do a wide legged Child’s pose or a “normal”. I love both.


I know some people aren’t very fond of butterfly. I personally love it. In fact, I love all hip openers. I naturally have extremely open highs (my hamstrings, however, are a very different story. Probably why I don’t like caterpillar, dragonfly etc., haha). so I love all the yummy, juicy hip openers. They feel so good in my body.

Happy Baby

Are you starting to notice a theme when it comes to yin yoga poses for calm and grounding? Or at least when it comes to my yin yoga poses for calm and grounding. I think by now you can really tell that I’m all about the hip openers. Again, I know not everyone has crazy open hips (maybe you have flexible hamstrings, unlike my super tight hamstrings) and therefore they might not be as crazy about hip openers as well. I just love how I can melt into hip openers, how they feel in my body, they are so juicy and yummy.

Twisted roots (spinal twist)

I love a good twist. It’s good for my digestion and they feel good on my back. I almost always end any yoga practice with a good twist before savasana. It just feels good.

Okay, there you have it. My favorite yin yoga poses for calm and grounding. I hope you will love these poses as much as I do.

Love & Light,


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